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Estate Sales Companies: Increasing Audience and Profitability



You can get and sell property and possessions for several reasons. There are more than 10000 estate/garage sale companies in the united states, and an even greater quantity of consumers who are enthusiastic about buying people's goods. With eBay, Craigslist, various local and specialized auctions, estate/garage sales, and consignment and antique shops, it isn't really an exaggeration to convey that millions of Americans are consumers at a vast marketplace or have interest in selling there. pittsburgh estate sales

On this page, I will touch on just a portion of this marketplace, namely, estate and rummage sales. I will suggest certain methods of estate and garage sale companies - both small and big - to increase their overall revenue while making sales engaging and helpful to their customers.

Large Estate Sale Companies:

Large estate sale companies curently have their own websites with online auction capabilities, which are quite expensive to create and support. These websites only display the company's own goods, this also decreases the audience of their prospective buyers. These companies would do well to list their goods in larger virtual malls, which attract a wider audience in a much lower cost.

The concept of a private "virtual booth" in a larger online mall just isn't new; it's utilized by some big online players, like Amazon. Which has a platform that houses many "virtual booths," the price to each "booth owner" of building a quality buyers' experience is considerably below setting up a private shop with a separate company. While such virtual malls can offer online auctions for every participant, the actual estate sales and face-to face meetings (the location where the goods change hands) should retain their traditional mode, and may remain an integral part of the company plan.

Small Estate Sale Companies:

Many estate/garage sales companies are small businesses, and many have no websites of their. Some of them are proud to get hands-on people and practice the standard walk-in approach only. These lenders would do well to add an online component to their business - preferably within a platform that combines some great benefits of online auctions with the traditional model of estate/garage sales.

Thus, combining the characteristics of online auctions with the face-to-face and local nature of traditional estate/garage sales may benefit all estate/garage sale companies, both small and large. Sales organizers will substantially expand their traditional audience, while still allowing new buyers to firmly rely on the "What You See 's what You Get" promise; as opposed, buyers at online auctions with no traditional component frequently cry: "What The truth is Is NOT ALWAYS What You Get."

A sensible tool based on the concept of a virtual local mall could have some additional important benefits and features:

 It does not change the traditional business structure of estate/garage sales or auctions. It really adds new technology advantages to the old process;

 Provide more info to buyers with listings including detailed descriptions of the seller's goods. As well as traditional photos, each item description should offer the estate/garage sale code - the "booth name" - to aid prospective buyers locate fairly easily desired listings, along with the sale location. Pretty much everything information should be open to all users without registration;

 Provide buyers the choice to bid on listed items both both before and after the date of the real estate sale. A period span of 2-4 weeks gives sale organizers more hours to prepare for successful sales. Sale organizers are able to collect bids 24/7, and buyers needs to have the opportunity to bid higher or under the item's start price; this increases sale flexibility;

 Allow sales organizers to pick a winner/buyer at any moment during the bidding stage. A perfect platform should create a chance for sale organizers to get periodic notifications about bidding activity and permit them to monitor online bids immediately;

 Keep the principle of direct negotiations relating to the sale organizers and the winners/buyers selected by the organizers. Face-to-face meetings are essential so that buyers can see and touch (if needed) the real goods when they change hands;

 Save time for sales organizers by making changes to listings (including buyers' questions and sale organizers' answers) public instantly. This allows prospective buyers to determine all pertinent and current information, eliminating the responsibility of repeating the identical information to each prospective buyer;

 Allow prospective buyers to select a search radius that can into account the distance with the estate sale(s) from the specified zip code.

A universal virtual shopping center with the features and benefits in the above list may be a very useful tool for both businesses and individual customers - sort of Swiss Army Knife approach: one low-cost platform that can it all. Such a tool has the ability to save time, eliminate drudgery, and increase profits.

This article might be reprinted or used freely, however only in its entirety, which includes the author's name along with the resource box content. pittsburgh estate sales

Post by pittsburgh2h (2016-01-20 08:31)

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